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I began drumming at 11 years old. I played in the concert and jazz band, where I learned to love music and drumming. As my skill advanced, I got regular training from a renowned Corpus Christi jazz drummer Paul Bowman.

In High school, I began exploring all facets of drumming and added drum corp training from a Drum Corps instructor named Ron Schermerhorn. Under Ron’s guidance, I prepared a snare solo for several competitions ending at the annual PASIC festival in 2009. Following my experience at PASIC including attending clinics and talking to many great drummers, that's where I really began my drumming journey.

I attended intensive training clinics at The University of North Texas, including Jazz training directed by Ed Soph. I followed up that with immersive training from The Drummer’s Collective in New York, learning from many of the best drummers in the world. I took private lessons with Jason Gianni while attending The Collective. I also had training in Funk/R&B from Jim Payne (The Funky Drummer) through The Berklee School of Music interactive correspondence program, where I learned about the soul of drumming.

and the journey continues...

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